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Security Gates Houston TX

Are you located in or near Houston and looking for a selection of security gates? Sentry Gates is a single source of everything you need for a beautiful, custom entrance or security gate – from initial original design, to fabrication, to installation, to a great variety of control options, to maintenance and service. You’ll find Sentry Gates easy to work with, friendly and knowledgeable. We’ll be happy to start with your ideas and share our own, along with a lot of practical experience that can be of value to you. With both residential and commercial purchasers, we’re pleased to work in concert with architects, industrial designers, contractors, project engineers and purchasing agents as well as the ultimate user.

Residential Security Gates – Design is the Heart Of It

Residential-Security-Gates-HoustonAt Sentry Gates expert design work assures both form and functionality in every gate, whether it graces a garden or is the striped barrier arm that goes up and down a thousand times a day in a parking garage. Our computer-aided design technology assures precision tolerances. Skilled craftsmen make well-engineered gates that fit perfectly, open and close smoothly, stay sag-free over time, and last for years.

We work with you to create gates of beauty and originality that reflect your taste and can incorporate personal preferences such as a family heraldry, the work of noted artisans, or favorite artwork or themes. When it comes to design options, you have a world of choices with a gate from Sentry Gates. And that adds significantly to the convenience, appeal and value of your property.


Custom Security Gates

We design and build systems for controlled gates in installations ranging from airports, to truck parks, to refineries, to commercial or employee parking lots, to correctional institutions, and more – anywhere that security, durability, functionality, and reliability are high priorities.

We’re available to consult with our client’ representatives, including architects, engineers, contractors, and purchasing authorities to help met both straightforward or unusual design, control, or installation tasks, with cost-effective solutions. We respond quickly and comprehensively to requests for proposal, invitations to bid, or informal queries for information.